AilandFlare running multiple providers

It is believed that AilandFlare and PinnacleFTSO are owned and operated by the same entity.

Songbird Addresses
AilandFlare: 0x3a6b118e7b338140bab0b1f548cd78a0d7bccadc
PinnacleFTSO: 0x2004b4f504eeebef915546a6f279dde886b61c2b

There is also evidence that the AilandFlare and Pinnacle developer, who uses discord handle ‘pacle007’, is or has provided price feeds via API for tSovereign, Worlds, and BestFtso’s. All five of these providers have already been the subject of previously actioned chills on both Songbird and Flare for collusion violations. Including:

  • Songbird Chill Proposal #10- BestFTSO, strike 1

  • Songbird Chill Proposal #11- tSoveriegn, strike 1

  • Songbird Chill Proposal #12- Worlds, strike 1

  • Songbird Chill Proposal #13- Pinnacle, strike 1

  • Songbird Chill Proposal #19- BestFTSO, strike 2

  • Songbird Chill Proposal #20- AilandFlare, strike 1

  • Flare Chill Proposal #11- BestFTSO, strike 1

  • Flare Chill Proposal #12- tSovereign, strike 1

  • Flare Chill Proposal #13- Worlds, strike 1

  • Flare Chill Proposal #17- BestFTSO, strike 2

  • Flare Chill Proposal #18- AilandFlare, strike 1

The following information was collected from discord dm’s and the Songbird Monitor.

Developer named “pacle007” claims to be the creator and owner of AilandFlare and PinnacleFTSO. From the screenshot, pacle007 states he- “created both, but now I am only running one”.

Pacle007 is able to demonstrate ownership of the price submitter by pausing for 7 epochs on Songbird. See screenshots below.

On Feb 19th AilandFlare was chilled on Songbird for algorithm collusion with BestFTSO.
This suspension was to last 2 reward epochs (2 weeks).

On Feb 21st, Pinnacle suddenly began submitting on Songbird again after being dormant since it was chilled back in November of 2023 and just 2 days after AilandFlare was chilled.,0x3a6b118e7b338140bab0b1f548cd78a0d7bccadc&endTime=1708624849

The information above clearly shows that pacle007 is running multiple providers on both chains. After AilandFlare’s Songbird chill was actioned, pacle007 began submitting using Pinnacle’s address thereby ignoring both the Management Group and the Flare Foundation’s warnings to cease any collusion activity.

Based on the evidence submitted above, we hereby recommend that the Management Group review this information and commence discussion on Discourse for potential strike 2 offenses of AilandFlare and Pinnacle FTSO’s on Songbird.

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Good work. Will wait for response from pinnacle/AILand dev but seems pretty damning

let’s wait for their reply… :thinking:

but the evidence is clear

The evidence is overwhelming, thanks for preparing.

Looking forward to your reply @PinnacleFTSO ???

Pinnacle FTSO and Ailandflare got first chilling. Guys, what is the purpose of first chilling. That is for collusion. Pinnacle FTSO and Ailandflare wasn’t alive at the same time. Now AilandFlare is dead. Show the screenshot that submit the prices at the same time. You can’t find.

@uglykitty said that 5 providers are run. But after first chilling, only PinnacleFTSO is left. I never run the Ailandflare after chilling. I already said to @Brent-4Dads “I only run pinnacleftso on songbird only”. I can share the private key of AilandFlare:

I hope you guys remember the purpose of first chilling which ruled on flare community. I don’t want second chilling. So I only run pinnacleftso.

After first chilling, if there is collusion between ailandflare and pinnacleftso, tell me. LoL.

Duplication, defined as multiple FTSO data providers on the same chain, controlled by the same entity, and running largely the same codebases, resulting in substantially similar submissions.

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You restarted submitting data with one of you data providers while the other was chilled. That’s a very obvious attempt to skirt the rules.

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I have reacehd out to AilandFlare for comment.

I’ll ask the question outright, why are you running multiple signal providers?

Is there even one answer that excuses running two?
Or running one when the other is chilled?

As to the dude running pinnacle and ail and best and tsovereign and worlds, if you were an honest dude you would confess which providers you helped or run and run 1 provider and noone would go after you.

Given all the evidence presented here FTSO London supports this proposal.

Of course, you guys want to remove high success rate data provider. LOL. I only run pinnacle ftso after first chilling. And I shared private key of ailandflare already because I don’t support that provider anymore. If there is no evidence that I run the pinnacle and ailand at the same time, don’t argue anymore.

After this, I only run pinnacleftso.

It appears that you assume that all signal provider’s primary income is the FTSO/STSO. Here at sun-dara it is not our primary income. If it was we would not be able to operate for as long as we have been.
The reality is, we have decided to not further build solutions exposing us of the risks of the FTSO/STSO system due to the amount of collusion - why would we? This means solutions that could have been built around the FTSO/STSO never have been.

Your “high” sucess rate seems to be based on collusion and combined VP as you worked with others, so essentually you have been subsidused by providers that dont collude as far as I can see

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Seperatly, at least you answered this question

so best “disappointed you”


Your thought is different from my one. But the clear thing is I am running only pinnacleftso by sharing the private key of AilandFlare.

What do you mean by “Your thought is different from my one.”?