AilandFlare running multiple providers

Do you think our thought can be same?

I have no idea what you are talking about. But are you saying that in the original screenshots here

Developer named “pacle007” is not you?

I am running only pinnacleftso after first chilling and shared the private key of AilandFlare.

You can only be affilliated to one signal provider, and so have a look at

and this

Seperatly I guess you will no answer this question

Developer named “pacle007” is not you?

as you have no reason to answer the above question?

I am owned pinnacle and ailand. But ailandflare is not mine anymore after first chilling. Remember after first chilling, I didn’t run the ailandflare. LOL. Because I saw FIP.02 & STP.03, I only run pinnacleftso.

are you Developer named “pacle007”?

I am owner of Pinnacle and Ailand. Can you understand what the mean is of this sentence?

I understand what you are saying by “I am owner of Pinnacle and Ailand”, and you are saying you ran them at different times.
I am looking to see if that chat screenshot is genuine. BUT it seems you are not answering my question.

I am saying again, I am running pinnacleftso only after first chilling.

As you will not answer my question clearly as per

and the evidence shows that, in the chat Pinnacle FTSO was switched off at Songbird Epoch 429689, as stated in the chat, I think we can say that the online chat is genuine

But by all means, refute the above - I actually recommend that you do.

I can’t understand what you are saying. LOL, what is your final purpose? Want to kill?

^ this is the final purpose of my question…

I can’t see your question.

Right Ill ask my question one final time.

are you Developer named “pacle007”?

I already said above.

please provide a link to the post that you are or are not pacle007 as I am unable to see this.

What do you think so far?

I think you dont want to answer my simple question.

But Im going to ask in a different way. Is the following screenshot real?

“I run my pinnacle and Ailand” means that I am owner of Pinnacle and Ailand. I didn’t run at the same time. LOL, 4dads got the good point. LOL, he is very cunning. LOL. Anyway, because I didn’t run the 2 providers at the same time, the evidence of second chilling doesn’t exist.