Pricing links between BestFTSO and AilandFlare

The following screenshots show pricing similarities between BestFTSO and AilandFlare.

Relevant provider addresses


  • BestFtso → 0x939789ed3d07a80da886a3e3017d665cbb5591dc
  • AilandFlare → 0x3a6b118e7b338140bab0b1f548cd78a0d7bccadc


  • BestFtso → 0x510Da05b7bf9d7713752da662AEdb26770F30d19
  • AilandFlare → 0x2c13c61dc867b1e701becabf2d9c6f2eedd2e58c

This screen shot displays the songbird monitor and the two providers in question submitting near identical pricing data outside of the band for a significant period of time.

Relevant link: Songbird FTSO Monitor
This link may be used to view further evidence of collusion. At the time of writing this topic, these providers are still submitting identical data for the XLM pair.

Another screenshot displaying the same collusive behavior.

Relevant link: Songbird FTSO Monitor


Flare evidence:

As displayed there is a gap in the submissions between these two providers. On the left is BestFtso, on the right is AilandFlare.

The final submission on the left, before the gap, co-insides with when BestFtso was chilled the first time they were implicated. On the right of the gap is the first time we see AilandFlare submitting on Flare. One can make their own conclusions when observing this chart, but along with the evidence displayed on songbird, it shows at the very least these two providers are heavily intertwined.

Relevant link: Flare FTSO Monitor


This says everything: Songbird FTSO Monitor


Yikes, havent seen anything like that before.
Knowing that both run ML this can only happen with a combination of 2 things.
Using same feeds to get data and same algorithm that crashed at the same time and both kept the same coefficients.
If they used different data feeds or different ML algorithm this could never happen.
Looking forward to their reply.


Thanks for the extra info @alexdupre … this proves collusion without any question.


Based on the evidence presented above FTSO London supports this proposal to go forward.

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thanks, this seems very suspect

Based on this information I support moving forward to a vote.

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based on the evidence Bushi also supports this chill suggestion

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The evidence is clear, we support to move forward and vote to chill’em.

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Looking forward to Jerry’s response. For now we support the collusion call-out. Nice gathering of info.

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Thanks, ready to vote…

Targeting to put this to a vote Tuesday December 19th, 1pm UTC / 8am EST.

Relevant proposals have been proposed on chain:

Songbird (2):

Best FTSO (Collusion) → Transaction 0x8ab88fb447b6e1f51ffa04b755d354fe066aef32df94cc010299442754783e5e - Songbird Explorer (ID: 19)

AilandFlare (Collusion) → Transaction 0x14a9db1f9bac339e5377e8ca62351cf498ac0f3c2f542fd344c7283a0517edf7 - Songbird Explorer (ID: 20)


Best FTSO (Collusion) → Transaction 0x755948cc85e03f7f97465422699fa9cb07bf00c95359eb00d6f779c2f31d2898 - Flare Explorer (ID: 17)

AilandFlare (Collusion) → Transaction 0x14673a9f88bd3c09aa51a1e95307a81e93c0a137897a6b71e720b7ac4df64ddd - Flare Explorer (ID: 18)