Pinnacle using same algorithm as BEST FTSO, tSovreign et al

I will chase them on twitter

Edit: Have chased

I already left the Best group and I stopped the operation of Pinnacle.

@BenUYS Look at this.

These are Ivy Oracle and Aureus Ox.
According to your opinion, shouldn’t these also be seen as colluding?

@PinnacleFTSO Great try, unfortunately you chose to compare two prices in the “relative” view. Anyone reading this forum may look at the scale on the left hand side and realize the prices do not correspond to the price of ETH.

Funny though, as another colluding group had tried to present this comparison in the past to implicate other providers. Have you had some communication with that group?

Unfortunately, the evidence presented against you is on an “actual” price scale which show drastic, improbable spikes.

They grey shadow also represents the reward band which clearly also spikes at the same time, so many other providers would have experienced the same ‘spike’.



Can I ask why you left the best group?

Well given that he admitted he left the best group to me is clear admission of collusion. Even though he is no longer submitting I think with this admission we should still move forward with a formal chill proposal and first strike against this provider for being involved in colluding with multiple other providers.


I agree with @Brent-4Dads. I wish @PinnacleFTSO would have tried to explain or comment on the collusion. Instead they falsely accused other providers. I support the chilling.


Are you implying a 0.02% spike is the same as what was posted above?
The magnitude matters as well.
For example in your picture with 01 u have a 10% difference from the median which if we compare it to what you used in your defense is a 500 times larger spike.
Its also about the amount. Two providers running for a year having a few spikes is different than 1 provider running for 1 month and already having tens.

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This is slander and there is not enough evidence. As I have already discovered, the same phenomena appear with other providers as well.

Hardly slander, @PinnacleFTSO with who have you seen the same phenomena occur? Are you referring to other colluding providers?

I mentioned above already.

Your reference above is irrelevant, the spikes above correspond directly with the reward band itself.

Based on your admission of guilt to be working with BestFTSO and your nonsense screenshot above, clearly meant to confuse others, @AureusOx supports the chilling of @PinnacleFTSO.


Are you able to answer this?


You are digressing from the topic. There is no reason why I must tell you the reason unconditionally. I don’t think it is necessary to tell you specifically about internal disputes.

okay thanks, I respect your view in this instance

Slander? You admitted to working with best and your run pinnacle. That’s collusion no matter how you spin it.

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As no further evidence has been posted, would you want me put an onchain proposal ID through on the songbird network address


Like this post if you would want me to proceed?

As a side note, I recommend not stating the direction you voted until after you have voted on the proposal ID should we choose to proceed.

This would be compliant with section ** 2.2 Process for Chill Proposals > 2. Chill proposal submission > Part A**


Just wanted to add this to state that I am still monitoring this thread to see if I get enough interest to propose a chill proposal on songbird.

Once again, I recommend not disclosing if you would FOR or AGAINST - I am just looking to see if there would be enough interest to put through a proposal.

(compliant with section ** 2.2 Process for Chill Proposals > 2. Chill proposal submission > Part A**)


Based on the evidence and accounts Bushi is in favor of a vote.