Oracle Beast Self Imposed Chilling on FLR for selling pre-TDE

Slightly before TDE on Jan. 9 2023 we received a grant from the Flare Foundation and sold a portion of it on Bitrue before trading started. As a show of good faith to our fellow peers of the network, we have elected to execute a self imposed chilling of our provider during epochs 88 and 89. We will not be submitting prices nor earning rewards during this time. We will put out a statement on Twitter alerting anyone who is delegating to us to remove their delegations before the vote lock leading up to epoch 88. We will resume submitting prices on FLR at the start of epoch 90.


Thank you for your honesty and being true to your word.


What @uglykitty said… although I feel it’s unnecessary since it was a synthetic market and some fault on the exchange or miscommunication between parties, much respect to all of you (my opinions are my own and do not reflect the 4dads team)