Civil FTSO & Anon2 Extra Evidence

While we wait for the Foundation’s decision on Songbird Proposals #23, #24, and #25, we discovered additional anomalies relevant to Civil FTSO (0x733a73408d8e106b6ac999ccd9f3d308bcaeb7b5) and Anon2 (0x814cd7d3cee516b8e0537085ecdeca7695d65c63) which are outlined below:

Providers 0x814cd7d3cee516b8e0537085ecdeca7695d65c63 and 0x733a73408d8e106b6ac999ccd9f3d308bcaeb7b5 experienced downtime from epoch 458608 to 458912 inclusive. The downtime was observed on all symbols, here’s 3 examples.,0x733a73408d8e106b6ac999ccd9f3d308bcaeb7b5,0x814cd7d3cee516b8e0537085ecdeca7695d65c63&endTime=1714450743&relative=false,0x733a73408d8e106b6ac999ccd9f3d308bcaeb7b5,0x814cd7d3cee516b8e0537085ecdeca7695d65c63&endTime=1714450743&relative=false,0x733a73408d8e106b6ac999ccd9f3d308bcaeb7b5,0x814cd7d3cee516b8e0537085ecdeca7695d65c63&endTime=1714450743&relative=false

Also of interest, both Civil FTSO and Anon2 have registered an Entity with their legacy v1 Songbird delegation address to participate in v2 scaling.

Civil FTSO is actively submitting and is #1 in hit rate on the UseYourSpark monitoring tool.

The MG respectfully requests that Civil and Anon2 be permanently removed on both v1 and v2 based on all evidence provided in the proposals.

The original thread this relates to is here … Pricing links between 3 SGB anonymous providers - #19 by Neil_AU