Chilling of inactive STSOs

The following STSOs have stopped submitting but still have large delegation.

FTSO IT 0x6ff5947ef89754682ad765b79c11f33452756d0b

Fat Cats 0x7776fc062ae648466958a28b3001f6a4517a147c

Oracle Swap 0x4e6c61d1dc945eebd3fc9a6251bd8b8b5ebd5637

stoadz ftso (original) 0x879fb0b354733674fd403286ebb2eb17ef97e5ae


Reasons for inactivity.

Brought down and started new provider under new brand.

Fat Cats
Admitted to hiring dev tied to collusion. Brought down provider voluntarily.

Oracle Swap
Admitted to hiring dev tied to collusion. Brought down provider voluntarily.

Admitted to hiring dev tied to collusion. Brought down provider voluntarily.


If there are any representatives of these projects I would love to have your support in removing your old providers. Removing them would free up whitelist space for new providers to begin submitting on the songbird network and hopefully encourage those still delegating to those old TSOs to migrate to a new provider.


@Brent-4Dads I agree with the chilling and removal of these STSOs. It only makes sense to allow for new comers that wish to contribute to the network.


Signal Champ
Could they be added to this list? They’ve stated they’re no longer submitting, but still have the boost, so preventing a new comer.


Signal Champ - 0x263feca2d46754aa71bc4cfc460e8e3055699324


Thanks for mentioning them. Do you know how long they have been voluntarily down for?

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Signal Champ- Since the 4th of April.

I see FTSO GG also stopped submitting 5 days ago, and cleared out their wallet. Maybe they’re gone too?

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To me it seems a bit early to decide definitively on those unless they respond and support chilling of their providers.


Absolutely agree that inactive providers with boosts should be removed to make it easier for newcomers to get involved in providing prices.
So the 5 mentioned above are a go for me, also agree about waiting with FTSO GG. Unless if they confirm that they have finished of course.

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FTSO.IT, Signal Champ, Stoadz, OS i agree.
Fat Cats provider is not whitelisted so no point.

Once other providers are removed, fat cats will make it onto the white list. They are at 102 so they would make it to 99 spot if 3 are removed. That’s the reason I included them in the proposal to chill.

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I agree to remove those Data Providers as well as any inactive ones after a long period of time.
It’s preventing new comers to get in.
A :100: go for me.


Would make sense to add Bitrue. 0x4c97f55d2ed9c84ecc4db836d5fc4f191dea30ae
They are in spot 101 with 2.6 million votes and have not submitted in 5 months.

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I agree chilling whitelisted inactive ones but it’s no reason to chill any inactive provider not whitelisted anymore. If they whitelist again when the inactive whitelisted ones are chilled, they show an intention to join the ftso system again

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The inactive ones not whitelisted will still show in the top 100 so to avoid confusion and clear them from the list I think it would still make sense to chill and eventually ban.

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That’s because the flare ftso monitor shows all providers that have been getting any rewards at least once. So chilling them will still make them show in the monitor - meaning the confusion problem is not solved.

I would say a better tool to evaluate the minimum VP to get in the top 100 could be developed instead


To be clear, what would the downside be of chilling, Fat Cats? They have admitted to hiring dev tied to all the other colluding TSO’s to develop their original Algo.

That’s another story. I was just referring to non whitelisted with high VP

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I suppose the reason for inactivity may play a role in wether they are deserving of being chilled. Reasons for chilling Fat Cats, Oracle Swap, and Toadz are clear. FTSO.IT has stated they will no longer use that address and have rebranded but still have impactful amount of vote power so they make sense to chill. Those are clear. Signal Champ not as clear given their vote power is very low once FNL boost is removed. Bitrue not clear either.