ACDTftso self stop for selling part of the TDE grant

In the hours preceding the Flare TDE, we have sold 6% of our grants for a total of 16138 FLR.

We will self impose a 2 epochs stop of our submissions to the Flare Network, beginning with Epoch 87 on May 22 1:00 AM CST. We will start the price submissions at the beginning of Epoch 89.


Maybe the golden rule should be 1 epoch chill for every percentage of the grant spent?

Hello Alessandro, thank you for your transparency.
I appriciate you beeing honest.

We should all agree if this enough.
I also mentioned my optinion in London_FTSO’s self impose thread.

Selling about 16.000 FLR pre TDE was something arount $8.000 for example on bitrue.
That is a lot in relation to the rewards from one epoch.

Further more… if you have delegators they will get punished too.
So i see still some struggle here.

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If you check the twitter link, I’ve posted my entire transaction list and the amount sold is lower than what you expressed.